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Setting up an Android build environment for WaRP

Building Android for the first time can be an aggravating and time consuming process. Following these step-by-step instructions should result in a working build environment and a successful Android build with all the images that are needed to run Android on WaRP, including the bootloader, kernel and Android system and recovery partition. This guide was written […]

A Look at Sensor Hub JSON Messaging on WaRP

For WaRP we wanted a simple communication protocol for talking to hardware. Something that would be easy for software developers to use and interact with. Our first requirement was that the messages be human readable for development purposes to avoid trying to decode bit-streams and packets. The second requirement was to allow for variable payloads […]

Troubleshooting WaRP Button Issues

There are a variety of reasons why the push buttons on the WaRP may not be behaving as intended. This guide will help determine if the cause is due to configuration, firmware, software or a hardware issue. First, from a serial console adb shell, check that /dev/ttymxc2 is configured correctly: If the baudrate is not […]

WaRP Public Release is Imminent

With the public release of the WaRP platform finally imminent we want to give you the information you need to get up and running quickly when you get your board. In the coming days you can expect to see documentation and guides posted here. If you are attending CES, stop by the Freescale booth to […]