Embedded Solutions

Warp – Warp is our fully open-source ultra compact versatile development platform targeted for wearables and IoT development. We carry a variety of accessories to help developers work with this platform.


Micro Power Modules – These small form factor modular voltage regulator are easy-to-use, and fill a variety of power regulation needs. They can be dropped into existing solutions ensuring the right power is being delivered.

Interface Modules – These modules simplify connectivity and monitoring of systems and can be used to connect sensors and other peripherals to your system.

Field Research Systems

Warbler – Warbler is our wilderness and wildlife audio research platform capable of long duration field recordings and audio playback. (Developed in conjunction with Oregon State University). This system can be reconfigured to meet a variety of field recording and playback needs.


REVO 1 – The REVO 1 robotics platform is undergoing some big updates! Check back shortly for more info.