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REVO & warpx team @ ELC Prague

REVO and the warpx team will be at ELC showing off the open-source, open-hardware warp platform. Contact us for a meetup! #lfelc #ELC2017. The show is from Oct 23rd to 25th in Prague so come say hello! For more info about the show visit the Linux Foundation site. For more info about warp, visit the […]

WaRP Talk @ JavaOne 2015

Hi everyone, Aaron and Nicola will be talking about running Java on the WaRP at JavaOne 2015. The session is: CON10282 – “Deploy Small IoT Embedded SOC Devices and a Back-End Platform with Java, Using WaRP” and will be on Wed 10/28/2015 @ 11:30AM Hilton Continental Ballroom 7/8/9. We’re going to be talking about how […]

WaRP Schematics Posted

We just posted the first public release of the WaRP Mainboard and Daughterboard schematics. Head over to the Downloads subsection to find them. These schematics are the current production versions so get a head start on learning whats under the hood powering WaRP.

WaRP Showcase at CES 2015

Our team, along with our partners, will be at CES 2015 showcasing WaRP. Come visit us at the Freescale suite or setup a meeting with us to see WaRP in action. We’ll have various demo setups running on WaRP. Talk to the developers and come discover how to build your own wearable with WaRP!

Revo @ JavaOne / ARM Techcon 2014

We are in the Bay Area all this week for #JavaOne and #ARMTechCon; Come to our talk to learn more about WaRP! We will have a WaRP demo running Java Embedded. Our talk will focus on the challenges of developing wearables and how you can develop your Java apps for embedded platforms like WaRP.

Announcing The 2011 REVO 1

CORVALLIS, Oregon—2010 December 11th—We are excited to announce that a major revision to the REVO 1 is underway. The all new REVO 1 will be faster than ever with a powerful new system inside. We are using Marvell’s ARMADA line of cutting edge embedded processors to attain a greater level of power and efficiency. By […]