Projects & Program Sponsorship at Oregon State University

CORVALLIS, Oregon—2008 October 18th—Revolution Robotics has announced a new initiative to support and sponsor robotics related programs and projects at Oregon State University. Each new project or program in robotics requires a substantial effort to lay the ground work for new platforms, manufacturing, and tools. After realizing the tremendous lack of resources and support, the company has decided to provide student related projects with a variety of support ranging from custom robotic platforms to development partnerships.

The type of resourced needed to work on robotics is substantial. Tools, manufacturing, project prototyping, and design support are just some of the costly factors needed for robotics related projects. Revolution Robotics is uniquely position to be able to offer a wide range of support for research and development in the area of robotics, while making many of these much needed resources accessible to the project.

By involving itself with academic efforts, the company hopes to lead the way in bring additional support from local community businesses and members to support the innovative projects at Oregon State University. By leveraging commercial manufacturing technologies, Revolution Robotics will be able to provided custom developed technologies and products to educational programs at cost, and make them available commercially where applicable.

Revolution Robotics will continue to offer support on a per-project basis. For information on opportunities contact the company directly.

Press Contact:

Revolution Robotics
Aaron Moore
(541) 357–REVO

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