WaRP License

WaRP has been developed jointly by Freescale, Kynetics and Revotics, and is released to the public as an open-hardware /open-source platform.

WaRP Hardware

The WaRP hardware is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Under this license, you are free to modify and commercialize the platform.

WaRP Software

The WaRP software is open source. Binaries of the open-source software can be downloaded from this site. The source code is available via our GitHub here. This contains support for most of the functionality offered by the underlying SoC with the exception of a few libraries and algorithms which are protected under copyright. The open-source version allows you to work with WaRP without worrying about any licensing issues.

Freescale/NXP has available, via a click-through license, additional binaries which are not part of the open-source edition.