About Us

Revotics and REVO are trade names for Revolution Robotics, Inc., a design company focused on developing integrated solutions with expertise in embedded systems hardware design, and software architectures.

From software systems to purpose engineered electronics hardware, we strive to make highly integrated electronics more accessible by providing unique solutions ranging from electronic building blocks to fully customized computing solutions.

As a design house we utilizes a lot of different tools in our daily operation. We run our own in-house SMT fab for building electronics, as well as a machine shop to laser and CNC various parts. For more information about our capabilities, check out our Services.

Our Partners

kynetics-co-logo-1 Kynetics, LLC is our software partner and works with us closely on many of our embedded systems projects. Kynetics’ specializes in custom software development and provides everything from customer operating system builds to IoT infrastructures for our embedded devices.