REVOTICS offers targeted engineering services tailored to help meet rapid prototyping, design, and low to mid-volume production needs. From top-of-the-line industrial pick and place systems to our CNC milling, laser cutting, and 3d printing capabilities, we can support prototypes to low and mid volume production needs. Our production capabilities support commercial customers as well as makers, students, and hobbyists alike so get in touch with us for your engineering needs.

Educational Discounts – We offer service discounts to our friends in education. Be sure to mention your affiliation when contacting us.

Electronic Design Service

REVO’s development team specializes in the development of highly integrated electronic devices. Our electronic design capabilities cover a broad range:

  • Embedded system – NXP i.MX family based Application Processor embedded Systems
  • Microcontroller – MCU based designs using the latest ARM Cortex-M processors
  • Power electronics – switching regulators, power subsystems
  • Motor / Motion Control – DC, brushless, and solenoid motor controllers
  • Data Collection & Sensory devices – various sensor integration including audio recording and playback

Our application processor based embedded systems are designed to run tailored Linux or Android operating systems, and our software partners at Kynetics can help develop with application specific software needs including embedded operating systems, application, and enterprise development. For IoT data aggregation applications, we can provide everything from deployment tools, upgrade provisioning, and backend support infrastructure for data processing and administration.

Our high density design capabilities enable us to design electronics that fit into space constrained designs, and our team can work with mechanical design constraints to ensure a good fit. We have developed applications in a variety of fields and applications including:

  • high-reliability industrial utility applications
  • commercial data acquisition and control
  • consumer electronic devices
  • reference designs/development tools

PCB Assembly Services

We manufacture most of our own electronics right here at our facility using a state-of-the-art pick and place system, capable of building some of the most complex boards we design. We utilize this for everything from prototypes and one-off designs to production runs and we can run your custom designs as well. By utilizing some of the most powerful and flexible automated assembly equipment in-house, we are able to produce reliable boards and provide a great value to our customers.

Contact us for details on assembly services.


Trade-show Demo Platforms

Whether you have an existing demo that you need panel mounted with graphics, or need a new proof-of-concept and/or demonstration platform developed, we can help put a polish on demo systems and make them trade-show ready. Our custom panel mounting will not only make your demos stand out at trade shows, but it’ll also be easier to transport and setup.

Laser Cutting

Our large format CO2 laser cutter enable rapid prototyping and production of 2D parts.  The laser can cut and engrave materials including Acrylic, Mylar, ABS, styrene, Delrin, various woods, paper, and many more materials. Due to the speed of setup and cutting, it is often an economical option when compared to machining. Examples of parts include cases and stands for electronics, fixtures and jigs for assembly, as well as display panels and logos. Simply send us a drawing for a quote, or contact us for more details on our service.

We can also cut plastic stencils and vinyl adhesive using our drag-knife CNC cutter. Contact us for more details.

Prototype Machining and 3D Printing

More info coming soon.

Please contact us to see how we can help make your next project a success.